Synergy Manhattan New York Seeks Business Development Manager

About the company

Because of our team-centric approach, Synergy Manhattan is a recognized leader in the customer acquisitions area. The sum of the parts is bigger than the sum of the parts. We collaborate to launch outreach solutions that distinguish us from the competitors. Our joint energies and abilities are channeled into campaigns that produce tangible outcomes. Our track record of achievement attests to the efficacy of our strategy.

Synergy Management employs cutting-edge strategies that challenge conventional marketing. We achieve outstanding achievements through collaboration. Our innovative marketing assist our national partners greatly. Their gratitude has earned us a reputation for producing excellent results.

Regarding the job

Synergy is starting a bold adventure to become the best marketing and PR company in the neighborhood. For this role, we're looking for someone who is articulate, intelligent, and detail-oriented. Along with our team of leaders, our business development manager would receive training from a renowned local marketing and sales firm.

Our business development manager gains first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a prosperous entrepreneur. At Synergy, our Manager would conduct research to find new business prospects, such as new markets, growth sectors, trends, clients, alliances, goods, and services, as well as new strategies for tapping into already established markets. You'll learn when you join our team that things are always changing and adjusting to the "new normal" This person deserves brand-new, exciting opportunities, which is our goal. Once a candidate has demonstrated consistency in the role, they will be assured of fresh expansion opportunities, have complete discretion over which new clients to engage with, and have the ability to oversee a sizable staff of Business Development Managers.

Business development manager duties include:

  • To ensure smooth customer acquisition, maximize ongoing productivity, and surpass sales targets, cultivate and maintain positive working relationships with team members, clients, and customers.
  • Present our client's goods, services, and any new sales incentives in-person to prospective customers to generate business.
  • taking thorough notes while observing and gaining knowledge from senior account managers
  • Confidently communicate with the sales staff and account managers to promote talks about new campaigns and convey corporate messages.


  • 1-2 years of business, marketing, sales, or customer service experience is required.
  • Experience working in a team and leading others
  • Thinker who is creative and thinks outside the box
  • Outstanding written and vocal communicator
  • Follow all business policies and procedures pertaining to COVID-19 precautions and safety measures.
  • Maintain a pleasant and upbeat attitude.

Candidates with the following experience should apply as soon as possible:

Business Development Manager, Business Management, Business Operations, Business Development Associate, Business Administration, Business Consulting, Business Growth, Business Entrepreneur, Business Sales Development, Marketing Communications Business, Management Skills

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