Senior Drilling Engineer job vacancy in ADNOC, UAE. 


We are ADNOC's principal upstream company, responsible for driving marginal field development, and the first GCC joint venture between ADNOC (60%) and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC - 40%). 

Our activities span the hydrocarbon value chain, from exploration through onshore and offshore concession areas oil production. We are developing these concession areas and enabling their profitable development by taking an entrepreneurial approach and tapping on the knowledge of established ADNOC upstream operational firms. We are working to develop a more profitable upstream and supporting the UAE's economic growth as part of ADNOC's 2030 plan.

Concerning the Position

Plan and manage the execution of all activities connected to Al Yasat development, exploration, and appraisal, including the design and implementation of relevant programmes and specifications. Examining and monitoring operational and engineering programs/reports, doing technical and commercial analysis of tender submissions, and recommending contractor selection.

Monitor and control the performance of the outsourced well services/completions teams to ensure that the Company's drilling/workover activities are carried out efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively following industry best practises.

Key Responsibilities

Plan, coordinate, and monitor contractor drilling operations to ensure that development wells are drilled, completed, delivered, serviced, and maintained in a cost-effective, timely, and environmentally responsible manner, all while adhering to ADNOC's core values, corporate fiduciary requirements and policies, and in-country legislation.

Ensure an adequate flow of information on drilling activities to Senior Management and Shareholders by offering professional expertise and advise on any gaps in equipment standards, operating procedures, and training facilities.

Examine contractor well designs, specifications, technical reports, and all drilling and workover programmes. Examine well construction programmes to ensure that life cycle criteria are met and stakeholders are satisfied. Ensure that drilling procedures are constantly evaluated and improved in accordance with the most recent research.

Monitor and assess the completion and workover activities of drilling wells in line with authorised programmes and timetables, ensuring that all operations have been thoroughly analysed, engineered, and conducted in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Ensure that assigned contractors complete scheduled work in compliance with Company needs and contract terms and conditions.

Review and redesign internal work processes and interfaces with other divisions with the goal of optimising workflow, reducing duplication, waste, and overlaps, and ensuring company-wide alignment of objectives.

To achieve maximum geological information and production, study and advocate the development of all wells with the highest possible quality and placement inside required reservoirs. This includes the employment of multidisciplinary geo-steering teams as well as cutting-edge geo-steering technologies.

Create and recommend drilling standards and practises that assure sound well integrity in order to meet expected and planned life cycle requirements. Determine future well operating characteristics, create fit-for-purpose drilling and workover practises, and develop the necessary measurement, monitoring, and feedback processes in collaboration with key customers.

Plan and carry out tendering and contracting activities for Al Yasat Petroleum, including the drafting of contract scopes of work, descriptions of drilling and workover services, and consultancy services to ensure the best service level is obtained from contractors.

General Responsibilities


To accomplish functional objectives, plan, manage, and coordinate all activities in the designated area.

Train and develop allocated staff on necessary skills so that they can become proficient on the job and meet the Department's objectives.


Contribute to the development of functional budgets and aid in the implementation of approved budgets and work plans to meet Department objectives.

In order to promote effective performance and cost control, investigate and highlight any substantial discrepancies.

Policies, Systems, Procedures, and Processes

Implement authorised Department policies, processes, systems, standards, and procedures to support Department work programme execution in accordance with Company and International standards.

Management of Performance

Contribute to the achievement of the function's authorised Performance Objectives in accordance with the Company Performance framework.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Create and put into action new tools and procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of operational processes.

Identify improvements in internal processes against best practises in the pursuit of increased efficiency in accordance with best Industry standards in order to define intelligent solutions to difficulties confronting the function.

HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), and Sustainability:

Comply with appropriate HSE policies, procedures, and controls, as well as applicable legislation and sustainability guidelines, in accordance with international standards, best practises, and the ADNOC Code of Practises.


Contribute to the preparation of Department and progress reports for Company Management.

Minimum Standards

  • Bachelor's degree in Petroleum/Mechanical Engineering or an equivalent is required.
  • At least 8 years of experience in oil and gas drilling, including 4 years of field work.
  • Outstanding communication abilities
  • Rig and drilling equipment knowledge, as well as rig activities from both onshore and offshore operations.
  • Professional credentials in relevant fields will be advantageous.

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