Project Engineer job vacancy in Skanska · Tyler, TX (On-site)

About the company

One of the biggest and most financially stable construction and development firms in the United States, Skanska works with a variety of clients in the transportation, power, industrial, water and waste water, healthcare, educational, sporting, and data center industries as well as the government, aviation, and commercial sectors.

Regarding the job

The Project Engineer is a member of the Project Management Team, which is in charge of organizing and managing the project to guarantee a prompt and economical conclusion. This covers the project's planning, organization, implementation, and schedule.

Has a fundamental understanding of:

Client Delight: Establishes relationships with individuals within client organizations in order to coordinate activities and make suitable decisions for the short-term project and long-term collaboration.

Construction documents: Produces documents such as RFIs and client correspondence on concerns pertaining to contract notification provisions.

Construction Drawings / Plans: Reads and comprehends construction plans and drawings, as well as the technical specifications that go with them. Outlines the requirements that must be submitted to the client and ensures that all submittals are accepted.

Safety - Project Management Building: Promotes and promotes our value of caring for life by assuring adherence to safety expectations and standards for one's own and others' work. This involves minimising unnecessary safety hazards and being aware of factors that compromise staff safety.

Subcontractor Management: Monitors and inspects the actions of subcontractors.

Duties and Responsibilities

Works to meet operational targets within the work area, which has an impact on the department's overall outcomes. 

Work has a limited scope, usually focusing on smaller, less difficult projects or task-related activities. Work is strictly monitored.

Complexity and Innovation:

Minor adjustments to systems and processes are required to solve problems.

Identifies, defines, and addresses problems in the job area that are not immediately apparent but are not normally complex. Problems are often solved by drawing on previous experiences or conventional methods, as well as basic analysis.

Communication and Power:

Communicates with contacts inside the department on matters involving the acquisition or provision of information that necessitates some explanation or interpretation in order to reach agreement.

Talent Management and Leadership:

focuses on personal development and growth

Experience and Education

Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management or comparable experience required, as well as a minimum of two years prior related experience.

Broad theoretical job knowledge is required, which is often attained through advanced schooling.


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